Things Done

4 Jun

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Nikon D7000 Review: Life is Good

4 Jun

Hey folks,

glad to be is great..amen..

I’ve not updated this blog for a long2 time. But now that I’m a bit bored i’ll fill you homies with some of the on to the juicy stuff, i’m now into nikon camera’s..The latest addition is the Nikon D7000 Body Only..

This post is supposed to be a review but I’ll leave it until next time..holaa!

Morning Delight

8 Apr

Good morning folks. I’m at work (again!). So, to kick start my day, I’ll be listening to some soothing music that can make me go through work. Enjoy

Work Suck!

7 Apr

Now, I finally said it. Ok, let me explain. I love programming. I enjoy the process of finding a solution to a domain that is still unknown. I enjoy making tradeoffs between making an application fast and making it functional. But I have to admit, I don’t enjoy work that much nowadays. I feel like dragging myself every morning to work. Even at work, I question myself sometimes, asking questions like “is this all there to my life? Where is the excitement?”.

Maybe I’m still getting used to the new environment in Sepanggar. I don’t know..Maybe i’m getting bored of the 8 to 5 work life and ready to find something new and exciting. I realize that I get bored easily. If its too monotonous and mundane, I’ll get bored very quickly.

This new environment is another process of self-discovery for me. Since working here, I got to know some character traits in me that I was not aware off before or denied having. First discovery: I like to be involved in small to medium sized projects. I don’t like mega projects. I discovered this recently. Large projects have the tendency to fail. I mean, all projects fail but large projects, when thay fail,  they will fail at large scale with no hope of recuperating at all. Small projects, on the other hand, fail at a smaller scale and the effects it has on others are minimal. It is also easier to rebound from the failure and maybe just create something else from scratch. Second discovery: I like the simple life and things to be simple. So, you will never see my Facebook status showing “its complicated” again.-:) Even now, I yearn for the simple pleasures in life, family and friends and other stuff that matters. I also notice the tendency for me to go for small and simple assignments as opposed to large and complex projects. For example, I am starting to learn about the web and also starting to like it. The web, in all its complexity, is actually simple. You dont need to have a degree in Computer Science to build a website. I also find that web-related projects are simpler and less of a hassle compared to those so called enterprise projects that companies usually spend millions on. Third discovery: I tend to overestimate my capabilities. This is very true. When I’m given an assignment, I will probably say that it can be done in a day-:) But I know now that I’m no Superman. Some things just can’t be completed in a day or even a week or a month. Well, at least now I know that I am average and thats a good discovery actually because I can only become better. At least the confidence is still there.

So, work has been a process of self discovery for me. Sometimes painful but at the end of the day, all is good. The experience will prove beneficial for me as I chart my next step. So, what is my next step? All will be unveiled in my next series of ramblings.

Dreams and Reality

2 Apr

I’m the kind of person who likes to daydream. Since small, daydreaming has been a form of escape, a place for me to explore and imagine new ideas. Mostly, its to escape the boredom of the present reality. I remembered life was very simple then. The lush green landscape, the fresh air, the Inobong river where Karlson, Lindo and I used to bath and at the same time play with the raft (rakit) made by our late grandfather.  We would escape boredom by exploring the “kampung”. Every nook and cranny of it. Those were fun days but even then, I felt bored. I wanted to achieve more, to know more, to venture out to the world and see new places. Oh, the dream of a kid! So large for a person so young then. My form of escape was by daydreaming. My thoughts were reality to me. Now, back to the present reality. Im at the office now, working on some statistical problem in which I should create a workaround and dreading each second until I get the solution..hehe..Of course, life is good. God has been good to me and my family. so far, we have been able to eat well and live in a comfortable home, with great relatives, family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m working in a steady job with a quite comfortable salary doing work that I do enjoy. And still, I feel unsatistied. I sometimes wish I can go back to the days when I was small, when life was free without all the cares in the world. I think the experience closest to my childhood was while working at Unitar. We were kids there. It didn’t feel like working. I remembered laughing a lot, making jokes, yeah, and having loads of fun. I think it has to do with the group of friends that made the experience extra special. Life was bearable because of them in spite having less money. Now, I’m daydreaming about what it felt then. I realize that I need to appreciate the present even more because the present will become the past very soon. Unitar was the past that I remembered and enjoyed. But it will remain forever in the past. Now as I daydream, I realize that I still have work to do. This damn crystal report needs some finishing touch. I forgot how to add formulas to the report so that it will load the datatable perfectly. Oh, how I wish to be in a coffee stall telling and laughing at jokes and having loads of fun like I used to. I think that I am a bit burnt out by work. Too much work and no play makes you, well, moodless. Even Facebook is no fun anymore. Guess I’ll just have to go back to work on the problem again and wait until the clock reaches five.

Thoughts in March

22 Mar

I have been watching closely on the issues that surround the current economic meltdown. My attention has been particularly focused on events that are happening in the United States. I took special interest on Timothy Geithner, the newly appointed secretary of treasury and the scandal that he has gotten himself embroiled into recently. I pity the man. His only problem was that he didnt know that AIG was going to give a very large sum of money, $165 million (U.S.) to be exact as bonuses for a around 400 top AIG executives . It became an issue because the money to be paid to these execs are actually taxpayers money. AIG was bailed out by the US government to avoid them from becoming bankrupt. I am still comprehending the issue and this whole economic meltdown thingy. I’m not so sure if I understand it yet but I do see and hear its effects. People are being laid off and the rate of unemployment is on the rise. Because of this, I am becoming more wary of banks, financial establishments and the government than I was before. Lets just say that I dont trust them too much anymore. I hope this new thinking turns me into someone who is more productive and self reliant. Oh, and one more, thank God for the Internet. This is where all my bets are on for now. I sure do hope I win.

A Busy Year

21 Feb

hi folks, 2009 so far has been a busy year. Busier than previous years. Before, I used to act busy but actually, I was surfing friendster. Now, I feel like the clock is ticking. Am I getting older? Yeah, maybe. I have been working 7 days straight for 3 weeks already. The normal 5 days plus the 2 days doing part-time teaching. The best part is that I am earning real cash, but I do feel a bit exhausted. Anyway, I found something on the Internet that cheered me up. I was born on the year of the Rooster, so this is the Rooster outlook for 2009