New Blogs

16 Jun

I’ve created two more new blogs. The first blog, titled: Personal Physics is about, well, Physics. I’m not an expert in the subject but for the purpose of teaching students taking Physics in SPM, I guess I’ll manage. The second blog is supposed to be a website but due to time constraint, I had to start releasing an early version of the site through the blog: HOMESTAYLODGE. Both blogs are experimental by nature. I will update suitable contents along the way but for now, the blogs are at the moment, in their most basic elements. The reason I chose Blogspot instead of WordPress has to do with some of the policies of WordPress that does not allow advertisements on blogs hosted on wordpress. Writing blogs requires time and as much as I like the features in WordPress, I am a bit uncomfortable with the philosophy of not making money while blogging. With the rising fuel prices, I had to be realistic and Blogspot allows me to do just that, making money while blogging.    


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