Personality Test

9 Jul

Hi folks. I’ve not been blogging for quite some time. Didnt feel the need to I guess. But today, I just feel like writing. Sometimes when you’re bored, you can do weird stuff. Like the other day, I got this invitation in Facebook to test my IQ. I was curious, so I tried answering some of the questions given. The questions were quite tough, given that I had to answer all in 15 minutes. The results of my IQ test was frustrating. I realize that i’m not that smart after all 😦 Not really satisfied with the results, and knowing that IQ tests are merely childish games for kids, I searched for more reliable predictors of intelligence. I came across this site. It is a free online personality test. The theory behind the test is quite interesting. The theory specifies that all people can be classified using several criteria: Extraversion – Introversion, Sensing – Intuition, Thinking – Feeling, and Judging – Perceiving. You can read  it here. The result for this test was more convincing. I found out that I am an INTP. I agree, much accurate than the childish IQ test I took in Facebook.


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