Going Where the Wind Blows

1 Aug

Life is funny. I think I repeated that line several times in this blog. Not that sure. Anyway, I can describe my life right now as “going where the wind blows”. I am not really sure where I am heading now but one things for sure, I’m definitely aiming for the top (yeah!!). As I recollect back the memories of 2007, I remembered life as being sweetly wrapped in some suger coated candy. Life then was good. Things were stable and yet my emotions were running wild. I thought 2007 would last forever. At least I hoped so. Guest what? It didnt. Things didnt happen as I thought it would be. I thought I would remained being employed as a teacher until probably year 2020. It didnt happen. Judging from recent events, I’ll probably be saying good bye to this field very soon. Now, I’ll be charting a new frontier. Thinking about what’s in front of me, and what I’ve left behind. Is this supposed to be easy? I’m not sure. Have I lost my mind? Maybe. But only time will tell. So, good bye to my old colleagues and my bestests of friends in Unitar. You guys made life bearable in this unbearable world. And also, good bye to … Wishing you all the best of luck in life. I would like to end with this number from Mr Big


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