1 Sep

I decided that starting today, I will update this blog more frequently. The problem with me, when it comes to writing, is that I always want it to be perfect. Unfortunately, I am not perfect, nor my writing. So, due to this limitation of mine, I decided to write just about anything that comes through my mind, my experiences, etc. This is a blog anyway right, and blogs are meant to be personal. I have given up searching for a killer subject on which this blog is based on. I suppose the killer subject for this blog is probably me.hehe. Since the topic for today is Today, I am going to write about what is happening today in my life. Thank God today is a holiday even though its Monday. Later this evening, I will join the Golingi’s versus Lo’s soccer friendly match held in Padang B, Penampang. I hope the Lo’s will lose.:) I will make sure of that. To increase the probablility of them losing, I just bought a brand new soccer shoes specifically for this match. Its not branded or too expensive. I bought it at the nearest Bata store. Cheap skate kan..Later on tonight, I will probably decline drinking session with my buddies to concentrate on getting my life in order. Yes, my life is a mess. I spend too much time surfing the net and procrastinating and put off some important stuuf like making money.

A little update on current events. I am now officially a code monkey. haha! The formal term however is programmer attached to the system development department to this large company in Sabah. What do I know about programming? Well, I do know stuff..A little bit here and there. Not really the rockstar programmer but good enough to get by and yes, good enough to get things done. These are exciting times. However, I should not lose sight of my goal, which is to get rich or die trying. Financial freedom, thats the ultimate goal. Not thinking about mundane stuff like putting food on the table, finding cash to pay my bills, car loan, car service, streamyx bills, ..and the list goes on. Now, there are various avenues to get rich, like playing 4D, cheating people with get rich schemes, etc. I choose to ignore these avenues and opt for a more conventional approach that is to work hard at my job, learn as much as I can about the trade, build connections, and yes, make money. What can a programmer do to make it in the corporate world? Actually I dont plan to make it in the corporate world. I dont even plan to go up in the hierarchy of this new company that I am in now. I leave it to others to go up the ladder. Instead, I’ll try to improve the skills that I lack by learning from this company. The best way to learn about software development is by delving deep in the action. Later on, after being sooo good at what I do, then I’ll probably venture on my own by developing products that people really need and a re willing to pay for. But for now, I am content just being a code monkey.


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