Money matters..

26 Sep

You know, this is not working. I think I am facing what writers face at some point in their life. Writers block..I dont seem to have the experience that I would like to share through this blog. Of course I do have a lot to say. But whats the point? I have to admit I read a lot less these days. Time doesnt permit. I miss those days of praocratination while in unitar. It was blissful. I get to explore more. Besides the slow slow Internet connection, everything else is good. I mentioned to a friend just now that I probably would have stayed longer if it wasnt for the money..Yes, the money. What is more important nowadays? You are measured by how much you have. Even love..It is an important factor. Even in church, money is an issue. I remembered going to church last week and the pastor mentioned about the tithes not being given. Or rather not enough. I guess the increase in fuel price does have an impact on the ability to give. But do we blame church? Of course not! How are they going to pay the electricity bills, water, Internet, not to mention the church workers, pastors, etc. Money is there in the middle of the equation. To make things work, you need money, full stop. I’ve been involved in many projects. The most recent, is the Kaamatan Festival, Nelsie and I organized for unitar. The project was a success. The event went on well and people had a great time. What they do not know is what happened prior to the event. It was nearly cancelled. Why? Because of shortage of money. I had to convince my then CEO that we will be able to sell tickets despite the glooming deadline hovering over our heads. We manage to get through eventually. Now, I am involved in another project that involves money. Lots of money. I wont give too much here, just to say that people can do anything, forsaking goodwill, honesty, commonsense, and camaradie just for the sake of the ringgit. Times are challenging, and I wish the best for my bosses. They need it.


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