Career path

27 Sep

Since I graduated in 2003, I’ve always wanted to work in software. Its like, “I studied Computer Science so I guess I’ll be a programmer”. Unfortunately, things didn’t happen the way I expect it to (or fortunately..:)). For my first job, I ended working as a research assistant in UMS on a contract basis. The scope of work varies from doing some measurements of sound to teaching my supervisor’s kid how to speak Malay. In between I did do some programming, though not much. My first programming task was to port the code base used in the project I was working in from Turbo C to Borland..haha..Lousy huh! The work was crappy but I did learn a thing or two about this thing called AI or formally artificial intelligence. Ya, UMS is filled with people doing that now. While porting the code, I had to understand what it was doing so that there wouldnt be a mismatch of functionalities. Anyway, after 2 years working there, I quit and switched job to become a lecturer at Unitar Sabah. There, I learned quite a lot especially those related to software technologies. I had to because I was teaching them to students. You dont want to  be clueless in front of your students right? The experience there was fun because I get to explore all kinds of stuff from Ruby on Rails to Google Android though most of the stuff remained as an experiment, never to be applied in real life. One of the things I got out of my experience teaching is the contacts I still have up until now. Let me clarify further: the contacts I have gave me an alternative stream of income. Besides teaching, I get to do freelance work and the work that I find most interesting are those that relate to programming. Here, I can charge quite a lot. Last month however, I left my stable job as a lecturer to work as a programmer in some company. Kinda weird huh. From lecturer to programmer. I suppose the thirst for intellectual stimulation got the better of me. My career in teaching has started to reach a plateau and I worry that I might not get out of the rut if I stay too long. Ultimately, I aim to get rich but the question is how? This blog can be a source of income but judging from the content that I put in here, I doubt it will make me a millionaire soon. This blog has become too personal, not really like those money making  blogs such and etc. But i’m glad about it. I’m happy that can become a place for me to share my thoughts, even my innermost thoughts. They may not be interesting but they are still mine. Back to the question about how to get rich. My strategy is to use what I have now. Let me see, I am alright at teaching and I can code. Let me emphasize that I am not that good as a programmer but I do know a thing or two about this line of work. Another thing I know is that software makes money. It does. There is a need for good software products nowadays. People are willing to pay good money for software that can make life easier. Now, how do I make the connection? How do I connect to people that needs good software? I dont need to actually. If you have the skills, they will come to you. Goshh, I am so devoid of critical skills at this moment. So my strategy for now to become rich is to build critical skills as a software craftsman and create useful products that people actually buy. Since I lack most of the skills, I decided to quit teaching and become a programmer and along the way read good books and blogs and make good connections and yeah, build great products..


2 Responses to “Career path”

  1. farah September 29, 2008 at 8:18 am #

    wahhhh so u are programmer man. do u have published you software on the internet…iam interested tu buy for RM100k for my office.

    give me your list of ur work….

    only u i know sabahan programmer….

    good work !!!!

  2. Tino October 4, 2008 at 8:36 am #

    Thanks man, I apprecieate it. no, sweat, i’ll even give it for free if u want it..

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