Design Patterns

4 Oct

Forgive me if the posts that I have written before and after this offend some people. I can’t help it. I cant help blabbing about myself and about how I am so great especially in this programming thingy.:) This blog was always meant to discuss stuff that interests me and at the moment, I am interested in stuff that will sustain me financially and put food on the table like IT perhaps? Maybe when I’m 40, I’ll talk and brag about something else like golf but for now, this bragging and talking about tech and stuff will stay.
Software has always intrigued me, say like since year 2000. Before that, I was a total loser with computers. Loser meaning, I didn’t even know how to insert a floppy disk to a floppy drive. I have cousins during those days that were quite good with computers and with MS-DOS. I wasn’t one of them. So, I can be considered to be a beginner in this field. I still am. But I try to learn as much as I can and I’m fortunate enough to be given the platform to do just that. Anyway, back to the topic I was trying to talk about. It’s about design patterns. You might be familiar with the term, or might not. It depends, if you are in software, you might have heard of it. I am currently toying with this concept because it might help me at my present (and future) job. James Mioriello has something to say about design patterns:

Design patterns are commonly defined as time-tested solutions to recurring design problems. The term refers to both the description of a solution that you can read, and an instance of that solution as used to solve a particular problem.

Now, who would want to make life easier? In software development especially, things can get a bit more complicated and design patterns offers me some help to simplify things and get the job done. Okay, thats all folks. I wanted to make this a long post but I’ll settle with just this. It should be good enough for a beginner like me. I’ll definitely check the 23 design patterns mentioned by James.


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