Focus VS Procrastination:Fight

9 Oct

I have a problem to focus. I tend to procrastinate like what I’m doing now, which is writing this blog. I should be completing some stuff that is supposed to be due this weekend but I just can’t focus. I can think of a million things to do right now other than doing my work.Sigh! Money used to be a motivating factor for me to get the job done but now, that don’t seem to work. I agreed to do this job mainly because of the money and the dreaded 10 haribulan..The 10th of each month where my former colleagues and I used to predict we would get broke. Joel mention something interesting today (or was it yesterday?). Just to quote what he quoted from Seth Godin:

“Here’s the challenge: Assemble your team (it might be just you) on Monday and focus like your hair is on fire (I have no direct experience in this area, but I’m told that hair flammability is quite urgent).

“Do nothing except finish the project. Hey, you could have been on vacation, so it’s okay to neglect everything else, to put your email on vacation autorespond and your phone on voice mail and to beg off on the sleepy weekly all-hands meeting and to avoid the interactions with those that might say no…

“And then finish it. Finish the website or the manuscript or business plan or the suite of tools.”

I should try that. Focus like my hair is on fire. I ‘m still in this melancholy mood that don’t seem to wear off. I think its the Internet. The web makes me procrastinate a lot. A little bit of Youtube then a little bit of Facebook then suddenly, its already 3 in the morning and I still didnt manage to get my work done.  I tend to do some real work when the network is down. I should try unsubscribing Streamyx (Opps!Just kidding). I should try fear. That will certainly get my butt off to work.


One Response to “Focus VS Procrastination:Fight”

  1. ciean December 13, 2008 at 2:09 am #

    Hey Tino. Dropping by to say hi and Merry Xmas. U haven’t updated in a while. Must be very busy huh?? Ne ways..all the best.

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