Rome wasn’t build in a day

9 Oct

This was what happened in a meeting a month ago:

Boss: We have a problem with the customer records. Some records cannot be displayed to the client software when requested. Are you running the query correctly?

Programmer 1: It has nothing to do with the query. I think we need to implement a queing system to monitor the transmission of datasets through the network or we can convert the data into serialized objects instead of XML to make transmission faster.

Me: ?? (WTF!)

This was what happened just now:

Boss: So, how about the reporting module? Any progress with implementing it online?

Me: Its partially done. I’ve created the DataAdapter classes for all the tables and views in the system. I’ve also created some validation functions at the business logic classes to ensure data integrity. I don’t think we should use Crystal Report at the front-end. Its too..constraining. I’ve already found a way to implement sorting and paging in html. No need programming. Tarik-tarik ja tag-tag from the server control toolbox. Now, just need to find a a way to integrate it with the web service.

That was basically what I experienced at the new company. A totally different challenge from what I experienced before. When I first came in, I was somewhat, clueless.-:) But, as they say, Rome was not built in a day.


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