A Review of 2009

30 Dec

Cheers everybody. It is now  31th December 2008. One more day before we usher in the new year. I admit that I havent updated this blog for wayy too long. I’ve been reminded by some people, the most recent, a friend,Terence, who mentioned that he reads this blog (gulp!). It was just a reminder of something that I might have forgotten. Thanks Cie, you too. I’m not that busy actually. maybe a bit busy but in Sabah, I guess being busy means 8.30 to 5.30. The rest of the day is yours. I checked my last post and noticed that the last time I posted was on 9th October 2008. A huge gap. Maybe I have nothing to say. Or maybe I spend too much time living life that I forgotten about this blog. This blog was meant as a creative outlet for myself. A way to express inner thoughts, and feelings, ideas and opinions. Perhaps the last two months were rather hectic.

Anyway, now that I’m writing this blog, I think that It would just be right to do a recap of all the things that have happened in 2008. Every year is special. Just like during 2007, I had great memories and stuff. 2008 is another great year. An interesting year. I can say, a year of abundance.  In 2008, I finally found another job (and industry!). It took me two years to prepare for this. But I know i’m ready. Opportunity comes when you are ready. I began to think more of my family. My parents, siblings, relatives, etc. Life in Unitar was a roller coaster. I loved it but I knew that the fun would not last. I need to move on. Another significant event this year was the Unitar 2008 Kaamatan which I co-chaired with my friend Nelsie. It was the first time I became the organizing chairman of a rather big event. I just can say that it was successful. I was emotionally invested in this project. If it were to fail, then, I don’t know, maybe I’ll go back to my cave.-:) Thank God it went on well, despite the setbacks, and the problems, and the challenges and the  nay sayers, especially the people who are adamant to sow negative seeds just to ensure the project would fail. At last, it did not fail. We succeeded. And I think , that was my last contribution to Unitar (or SIDMA) before I resigned and went on to persue greener pastures. I remembered not being able to sleep well during the final weeks before the event. I even had dreams about. It was important. The most important event at that period of time. What else? My sister, Velvet got married. It was great. I had a blast. Aaron came back to Sabah for the holidays. Finally Aaron! Sia ingat ko lupa suda kami di sini.

I think the lessons this year are plenty. I got to know who are my true friends and family, the people that matters the most. I get understand the power of goal setting. It  still amazes me. I remembered writing down some of my goals at the end of 2007, one of them was on savings. I explicitly wrote down the amount that I would like to save by the end of 2008. Guess what? God is good right? Opportunities upon opportunities just come. Financially, this is a good year. The amount saved far exceeded what has been initally set. Regarding love, I have to admit that I am still single (Sorry uncle Jimmy, simpan dulu la jam tangan emas ko). perhaps the time is not right yet. Some initial investments have not produced the desired results. Mangkali macam product development juga, it needs some fine tuning..I have no say of what would happen in 2009. I’m sure it would be a better year.-:)

My absence from blogging was not entirely in vain. I did not have much to say, but I read vigorously. A blog that has caught my attention recently was from Steve Yegge. Excellent blog. His writings contain some hidden wisdom on software engineering. I have also been reading some of the old posts in Joel On Software . Still very useful. I’ve been reading his blog since 2005 and until now, the things that he writes about are still very much relevant to my situation now. What else? ohh, I bought a new car. A Hyundai Matrix 1.6GL. Great car. Not sure how the bank loan got approved. Maybe it was luck. But one thing for sure, that car made me work harder. I had to. How am I supposed to pay the loan and my other bills. At least I became a useful person out of it. As for my advanced degree, it is still in progress. No news yet. Still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. To sum up year 2008 in one word, I’ll go for “abundance”. 2007 was “blissful”. 2006 was “pain”.haha..ok, cheers and good nite.


One Response to “A Review of 2009”

  1. bangau January 28, 2009 at 6:44 am #

    oi nak tinu,ko karaja mana suda?

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