Thoughts in March

22 Mar

I have been watching closely on the issues that surround the current economic meltdown. My attention has been particularly focused on events that are happening in the United States. I took special interest on Timothy Geithner, the newly appointed secretary of treasury and the scandal that he has gotten himself embroiled into recently. I pity the man. His only problem was that he didnt know that AIG was going to give a very large sum of money, $165 million (U.S.) to be exact as bonuses for a around 400 top AIG executives . It became an issue because the money to be paid to these execs are actually taxpayers money. AIG was bailed out by the US government to avoid them from becoming bankrupt. I am still comprehending the issue and this whole economic meltdown thingy. I’m not so sure if I understand it yet but I do see and hear its effects. People are being laid off and the rate of unemployment is on the rise. Because of this, I am becoming more wary of banks, financial establishments and the government than I was before. Lets just say that I dont trust them too much anymore. I hope this new thinking turns me into someone who is more productive and self reliant. Oh, and one more, thank God for the Internet. This is where all my bets are on for now. I sure do hope I win.


One Response to “Thoughts in March”

  1. ae80 March 22, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    yeap..we need to be extra careful than ever before..

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