Dreams and Reality

2 Apr

I’m the kind of person who likes to daydream. Since small, daydreaming has been a form of escape, a place for me to explore and imagine new ideas. Mostly, its to escape the boredom of the present reality. I remembered life was very simple then. The lush green landscape, the fresh air, the Inobong river where Karlson, Lindo and I used to bath and at the same time play with the raft (rakit) made by our late grandfather.  We would escape boredom by exploring the “kampung”. Every nook and cranny of it. Those were fun days but even then, I felt bored. I wanted to achieve more, to know more, to venture out to the world and see new places. Oh, the dream of a kid! So large for a person so young then. My form of escape was by daydreaming. My thoughts were reality to me. Now, back to the present reality. Im at the office now, working on some statistical problem in which I should create a workaround and dreading each second until I get the solution..hehe..Of course, life is good. God has been good to me and my family. so far, we have been able to eat well and live in a comfortable home, with great relatives, family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m working in a steady job with a quite comfortable salary doing work that I do enjoy. And still, I feel unsatistied. I sometimes wish I can go back to the days when I was small, when life was free without all the cares in the world. I think the experience closest to my childhood was while working at Unitar. We were kids there. It didn’t feel like working. I remembered laughing a lot, making jokes, yeah, and having loads of fun. I think it has to do with the group of friends that made the experience extra special. Life was bearable because of them in spite having less money. Now, I’m daydreaming about what it felt then. I realize that I need to appreciate the present even more because the present will become the past very soon. Unitar was the past that I remembered and enjoyed. But it will remain forever in the past. Now as I daydream, I realize that I still have work to do. This damn crystal report needs some finishing touch. I forgot how to add formulas to the report so that it will load the datatable perfectly. Oh, how I wish to be in a coffee stall telling and laughing at jokes and having loads of fun like I used to. I think that I am a bit burnt out by work. Too much work and no play makes you, well, moodless. Even Facebook is no fun anymore. Guess I’ll just have to go back to work on the problem again and wait until the clock reaches five.


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