Here are some of the projects that I am currently involved in now. Its a mixture of software and non-software related projects.

1. Kaamatan 2008 – I’m here as a coordinator. It sucks sometimes but well, thats life. I’ll just learn to enjoy it.

2. Maranatha Inobong church website – This is a continuous project. I can consider myself the de-facto webmaster for this site once it gets completed.hehe..

3. My dad’s motel website – My dad requested for this. He initially planned to hire somebody to do this but scrapped the plan. Maybe because he can get it done for free by me..

4. Neural Network Analysis Tool – This project is the most urgent now. I need to get it done very soon. This tool is created using Java (the language i’m most comfortable with now) and it is used to assist the user to analyze their dataset (in notepad) using neural networks. A GUI is created to simplify the process of obtaining data, training, testing, and validating the network. This is actually based on my masters project.

5. Master research – No comment


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